The Why

I have been reading the book “ Man’s search for meaning” by the Austrian holocaust survivor Dr. Victor Frankl. He survived the concentration camp Auschwitz during the 2nd world war. He was a Neurologist and Psychiatrist before the war. He wrote the book shortly after the liberation. The book in short is about why some survived the camps and why some died. How did some survive the gruesome circumstances of starvation, dehumanization, Typhus other illnesses and other extreme human conditions for years. This brings me to the situation we are in. Why are some thriving and why are some crumbling as we speak. It´s a complicated matter I know.

When I graduated Acting school in NY, shortly after I witnessed 11th of September. I saw the second plane crash into the twin tower. I saw the first tower collapse maybe the second one I actually don’t remember. I witnessed 3000 people die. Here I was ready to start my acting career. During the aftermath I had an existential crisis. Because Why? I wanted to act but suddenly it seemed so superficial and quite frankly who cares about acting. I had to dig deep and figure out my why. How can I create meaning for myself and meaning in my future and career?

This brings me back to Dr. Frankls book. The reason why, according to him from a psychological point of view, people including himself survived because they had a strong “WHY”. So when crisis hit and you don’t have a strong why there is no foundation or hope. I invite you to look at your why. If you are feeling discouraged during these times maybe its time to do your “ Man search for meaning”. That might involve some changes our it’s making your already chosen path even stronger. I know mine has. As Nietzsche wrote “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”.




A lot of the time inspiration just comes to us. While we are driving, walking, meditating, working out at the gym or cooking. The inspiration we are looking for just naturally flows. But what do you do, when the flow is not happening?During these times the uncertainty, anxiety, fear and worry can differently block the flow and rightly so.

I was writing my first TV pilot. I wanted to start creating my own content. I had an idea I sat down and wrote 30 pages nonstop In 2-3 hour. The flow was just there, it was easy and I didn’t have a concept of time. I was just enjoying the creative flow. After the 30 pages I stopped felt proud and decided to continue the next day. The next day I sat down and nothing absolutely nothing. I did that for 3 days in a row same result. I got frustrated. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, a wake or a sleep but I couldn’t get in quotes unstuck.3 weeks later I asked a writer friend of mine what advice she had. She said I have two options. 1. Leave it alone and just think about it till something opens up. 2. Get a lot of beverages, sit down and do not move until you have written a certain amount of pages. Obviously I had tried option 1 for 3 weeks. So I went for option 2. And it worked. In a couple of hours I had finished the 1-hour pilot draft one.

Sometimes we have to “DO” in order for the energy to move and get inspiration and other times we will have that light bulb moment and voila there it is. I would invite you during these challenging times, if you are lacking inspiration no matter what that might be, to just do. You might surprise your self.

Stay Safe, keep washing those hands.




lightbulp moment

CHANGE. The word has suddenly been bend in neon on a huge billboard screaming at us. The news echoes it in fear , life will never be the same. For some reason society has made it up so that change equals bad.

But what is change? What does change mean to you? When I look back at, when I have made some big changes in my life, when I deep dived into the unknown. I always landed on my feet and it always turned out for the better. No exception.

I was one day listening to the Indian guru Sadhguru. He was talking about mindset, headspace, thoughts, the unknown etc. He said: “ You guys are always creating so many horror movie. Why don’t you create some romantic comedies?” he laughed. Instantly I had a light bulb moment. Both scenarios are illusions in the present time. Our thoughts are just creating a “what if”. The horror movie in a space of fear of the unknown. The Rom-Com in a mind frame of faith and hope in the unknown.

Now as I mentioned they are both illusions in the present moment. But what feels better to you? A Horror movie or A Rom Com?

To come back to change. A lot of the time, when we can’t see, what’s on the other side of change. It can create a lot of turmoil within us. But change doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I invite you to create more Rom-Coms and have the courage to imagining the other side of change, that it might bring something good along the way.

Now stay home and wash your hands.





I wanted to touch on the subject. I am sure there are many out there feeling the loneliness right now.

I have had several phases in my life feeling extreme loneliness. Moving countries several times. Being single at times, but also I have felt lonely in relationships and friendships.

It made me think of an experience I had when I was living in London. I was out grocery shopping with my roommate at the time. When I had the stuff I needed and was ready to check out I couldn’t find Sean. I looked around and saw him standing by the freezer section talking to an elderly. They were jabbing away and I got impatient. When he finally came over I said to him why he was taking so long. He said “ Marie, I might be the only person this man has spoken to in days, maybe even a week, so I take my time with him”. I never forgot and felt ashamed about by impatience.

To come back to the situation we are in right now the silent phases might be longer. Maybe you always distract your self. Now, stress, anxiety, uncertainty and solitude can bring things to the surface. Remember you are never alone. There is always a person a phone call away. Be brave, make the call, say how you feel. And for you people, who have their person, maybe make an unsolicited call to someone who doesn’t have their person yet. When you are out (obviously very limited now) remember to be kind to the strangers you meet. Maybe you are the only one they have spoken to in a while.

Stay Safe, Stay home, wash your hands.


Knowing….You will be ok




I am constantly reminded everyday that staying centered is alfa omega right now. We can so easily spin out down the downward spiral by the news, friends talking their truth, grocery shopping etc.

I made this meditation with the intention that the more we connect to a place of knowing that all will be OK the better we are equipped to handle what is thrown at us. I feel deep in my heart that this shall pass. Just look at history. The world will move on again just from a different vantage point. There will be a lot of tears, healing, recovery but we will be OK.

This was recorded with love and if you feel drawn to it have a listen. Let the knowing in your heart grow larger and larger everyday.

We will get through this together.



The Mind-gym



Covid-19 is raving and there is a lot of frustration, fear and uncertainty around all of us, which is understandable. I am an actor and voiceover artist and most of my industry is shut down. I don’t know when anything will start filming again etc. It’s a physical job with, most of the time, a lot of people around.

So how do I stay grounded? I meditate and I go to The Mind Gym everyday. That’s right The Mind Gym. For years the health trend has been focused on the body, on how we need a healthy body. That is all good and I have a big focus on that myself. But. There is a “but”. You got to keep your mind fit to. Fear, negative thoughts and emotions are all part of the human experience, but we can’t let it take over. I am a big believer that, when the emotions come up, they have to go through us, but you can’t hold on to them. Suppressed emotions are not healthy and can create all sorts of conditions we don’t want. So let them work their way though you. Often I believe, they are there to tell us something.

I invite you to noodle, on why they are there.

So, back to The Mind Gym. What do you do everyday to stay centered and aligned? Do you meditate? Do you journal? Do you go for meditative walks? Do you have affirmations? These are all exercises in the mind gym. Just like squad’s pushups and bicep curls. What ever you do, I highly encourage you to find a practice that works for you and stick to it, to keep your mind fit so it is more equipped to sustain conditions like these, we are in. Just like working out and getting a fit body, it wasn’t done in a day. So be patient with your self. Be disciplined and see what happens.

This can all be done in the comfort of your home while washing your hands LOL.




Waste Trash

For years now we have been wasting away and I am not talking about the midriff.

I was literally sitting on the toilet the other day about to take some toilet paper and I thought to my self do I really need that many sheets? So I cut down.

My acting career started in London. When I moved there, I was on a very tight budget, when I say tight, I mean barely making it every month. Living in a studio where I could open the oven with my toes laying in bed, no joke! It has always been my highest priority to eat healthy, so I had to find a way to do so. That meant making loads of soups and stews choosing beans/ lentils over meat or maybe substituting half the meat.

I did not suffer. I made delicious food that way. My point is I found a way. Now I am not on a tight budget, but I still live that way. I am always mindful of food waste, waste in general and would never through food out unless it has mold on it and it still breaks my heart doing so.

We all have to tighten the belt during these times. Get creative. Get our of your comfort zone. Back then during tough times and we are talking a couple of years I got excited when I found a new way to improve my life style within my budget. I invite you to investigate “Where do I waste unnecessarily”? Not just limited to food waste. Waste in general. Clothes, plastic, etc.

Now is the time.

Budget or no budget don’t loose hope, surprise yourself, how you can eliminate waste and save money and create new and healthier habits for yourself and the next generation. You are at the same time also giving Mother Earth a well-deserved break from all the waste and over consumerism.

And just preaching to the choir. Stay home. Wash your hands.


The New Normal…for now!



Covid-19 who would have thought jumping into this new decade 2020 just months ago.

Well here we are and it is real. I wanted to share some thoughts. I specifically choose this photo. The new normal grocery shopping or running errands for necessities. It looks dramatic. The streets are empty. People are on edge. There is a deep collective fear happening. Being an Empath I feel the above intensely and must take measures not to take much on, but that is another story for another time. Now back to the “The New Normal”.

The reason for posting this photo is, when you look at it it can create fear. It looks scary. Thoughts of, is this how we are going live? Are we all going to get ill? Are we all going to die? Is the world coming to an end? The answer is no. This is a time for deep transformation to a setup that no longer works. But then why all this suffering? In my opinion and its just mine. We as a collective have been sleeping. We didn´t pay attention to the endless clues handed to us every day. To a system that does not work.

So how do we move forward? Now take a look behind the photo, the mask. Try to find a time everyday where you intentionally connect with the knowing, that you will be fine. Yes you will. Does that mean that, that comes without challenges. Probably not. But I do strongly believe that the more you discipline your self connecting with the knowing, that it will get better everyday you will come out on the other side stronger. Do you meditate? Maybe now is the time. Do you find something everyday big or small that you are grateful for? How can you use this time to grow mentally, emotionally and creatively?

I am sending my deepest thought to everybody who are effected we are all in this together and will get through this together. Now stay home and wash your hands.




I  came across this quote today on Instagram posted by P. Diddy. For me it was such a wonderful reminder and it made me think. We are raised to believe and to take pride in that friendships are forever. There is absolutely beauty in long friendships. I have quite a few and I love them. The reason why we are still friends are because we have grown together.

What often happens, the same comes to relationships, jobs, where you live, how you dress, what you eat, your opinions on the world as you see it etc., is that sometimes you grow apart. And that is OK. The trick is to accept it and know that you will meet new people, new relationships, get a new job etc.,  where you will be on the same wave length and then the growth can continue.

It can be challenging and scary at times to let go and accept. But try it and know that the wonderful memories you have shared will always be there in your heart. Life is constantly evolving and changing.

Jump on the train of change with an open heart and my belief is, you will get closer and closer to who you are and you will find the confidence to stand strong in your version of what´s called life.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

There is only half a day left of 2017. Most of Europe have already jumped into 2018. In Denmark we actually get up on chairs and sofas and jump into the New Year. A tradition I love and have done ever since moving away. There is something about physically jumping into the new year. Jumping into the new leaving the old behind. We can all talk about all the lessons learned in 2017 the good, the bad and the ugly. I am all for reflecting, accessing and making goals. But this year I have decided to just leave 2017 behind and step into the new year step by step one moment at the time. I know what I want and what my goals are. I am gonna walk towards them confidently whilst still being in the moment. I think sometimes we can miss out a lot by either being to much in the past of to much in the future. Take a breath enjoy the now and walk with your head high into your day. You are unique. There is only one of you.

On that note I just want to wish you a happy New Year. May it be surprising, magical, loving and prosperous.

Here´s to a magical 2018