The Why

I have been reading the book “ Man’s search for meaning” by the Austrian holocaust survivor Dr. Victor Frankl. He survived the concentration camp Auschwitz during the 2nd world war. He was a Neurologist and Psychiatrist before the war. He wrote the book shortly after the liberation. The book in short is about why some survived the camps and why some died. How did some survive the gruesome circumstances of starvation, dehumanization, Typhus other illnesses and other extreme human conditions for years. This brings me to the situation we are in. Why are some thriving and why are some crumbling as we speak. It´s a complicated matter I know.

When I graduated Acting school in NY, shortly after I witnessed 11th of September. I saw the second plane crash into the twin tower. I saw the first tower collapse maybe the second one I actually don’t remember. I witnessed 3000 people die. Here I was ready to start my acting career. During the aftermath I had an existential crisis. Because Why? I wanted to act but suddenly it seemed so superficial and quite frankly who cares about acting. I had to dig deep and figure out my why. How can I create meaning for myself and meaning in my future and career?

This brings me back to Dr. Frankls book. The reason why, according to him from a psychological point of view, people including himself survived because they had a strong “WHY”. So when crisis hit and you don’t have a strong why there is no foundation or hope. I invite you to look at your why. If you are feeling discouraged during these times maybe its time to do your “ Man search for meaning”. That might involve some changes our it’s making your already chosen path even stronger. I know mine has. As Nietzsche wrote “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”.

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