This was a difficult one to write because there are so many triggers and its heated. But that can’t hold me back. We have to give voice to the uncomfortable as well.

This moment in history is full of opportunity to finally start the healing and put an end to the systemic racism happening in America right now. But we need as many people as possible on board voicing their unhappiness with the current system including people of all color. Educating our selves. Have more empathy and understanding for the deep trauma surfacing.

A couple of thing I have understood on a deeper level are and this is only the begging so be patient with me. I am from Denmark born and raised. I was not born in America and It has been very challenging to understand the level of hate and racism operating in this country.I thought it was enough knowing a soul is a soul and that I am not a racist. Not being racist but silent is not enough.

White privilege. That was a trigger for me. I did not have an easy start to life and have experienced trauma. White privilege is not about not acknowledging white peoples traumas, emotions or experiences. We have white privilege because there are curtain thing we never have to deal with because of the color of our skin.

Black lives matter. Was a trigger to because off course all lives matter? Yes they do. But right now the houses of the black lives are on fire and have been for 400 hundred years and deep rooted systemic inequality and racism has been happening and we need as a collective to put out that fire. And for some Black lives don’t matter and that needs to change.

Rioting and looting. When life wanted me to make a change. It did not stroke me gently on the cheek over tee and coffeecake asking me to make a change. It slapped me in the face because I didn’t respond, see, feel or hear the message. Anger and pain can be irrational and when you haven’t been heard for so long and have tried generating a conversation over and over again for years and people keep dying because your life doesn’t matter things can get heated. Some people have held in their trauma for generations because of fear. Please don’t misunderstand me. I grief for the people who have lost their businesses and livelihood I am not pro looting. But when you think about the pain, suffering and trauma, I understand the human behavior behind it. This is consequence of not wanting to change the system. Yes there are some rotten eggs but they come in all shapes, sizes and color. We live I a binary world.

The biggest life lesson acting has given me is “TO LISTEN”. So I am here listening to you. I hear you, I feel you, I see you and I love you.

Let this be a time of change

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