Welcome to Everything-Marie !

I hope this finds you in good spirit.

Thank you for visiting its my absolute pleasure having you here.

I am a Danish born Actress, Voice Over Artist, Writer, Barre instructor and a very passionate cook.

My journey started North of Copenhagen where I was born and has so far taken me to France to N.Y to London and now Malibu California.

I am curious by nature and life has led me in many wonderful, crazy and at time scary directions. The amazing thing is life has so much to offer so much love so much magic so much beauty, but sometimes we just need a little inspiration to move forward. Thousands of people have inspired me and keep doing so.

I am with you on this life journey and my mission is not to tell you what to do but to inspire thought. Like in my acting I always aspire to create an inner or outer dialog in the audience like it did with me.

Lets figure it out together.