A lot of the time inspiration just comes to us. While we are driving, walking, meditating, working out at the gym or cooking. The inspiration we are looking for just naturally flows. But what do you do, when the flow is not happening?During these times the uncertainty, anxiety, fear and worry can differently block the flow and rightly so.

I was writing my first TV pilot. I wanted to start creating my own content. I had an idea I sat down and wrote 30 pages nonstop In 2-3 hour. The flow was just there, it was easy and I didn’t have a concept of time. I was just enjoying the creative flow. After the 30 pages I stopped felt proud and decided to continue the next day. The next day I sat down and nothing absolutely nothing. I did that for 3 days in a row same result. I got frustrated. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, a wake or a sleep but I couldn’t get in quotes unstuck.3 weeks later I asked a writer friend of mine what advice she had. She said I have two options. 1. Leave it alone and just think about it till something opens up. 2. Get a lot of beverages, sit down and do not move until you have written a certain amount of pages. Obviously I had tried option 1 for 3 weeks. So I went for option 2. And it worked. In a couple of hours I had finished the 1-hour pilot draft one.

Sometimes we have to “DO” in order for the energy to move and get inspiration and other times we will have that light bulb moment and voila there it is. I would invite you during these challenging times, if you are lacking inspiration no matter what that might be, to just do. You might surprise your self.

Stay Safe, keep washing those hands.


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