I wanted to touch on the subject. I am sure there are many out there feeling the loneliness right now.

I have had several phases in my life feeling extreme loneliness. Moving countries several times. Being single at times, but also I have felt lonely in relationships and friendships.

It made me think of an experience I had when I was living in London. I was out grocery shopping with my roommate at the time. When I had the stuff I needed and was ready to check out I couldn’t find Sean. I looked around and saw him standing by the freezer section talking to an elderly. They were jabbing away and I got impatient. When he finally came over I said to him why he was taking so long. He said “ Marie, I might be the only person this man has spoken to in days, maybe even a week, so I take my time with him”. I never forgot and felt ashamed about by impatience.

To come back to the situation we are in right now the silent phases might be longer. Maybe you always distract your self. Now, stress, anxiety, uncertainty and solitude can bring things to the surface. Remember you are never alone. There is always a person a phone call away. Be brave, make the call, say how you feel. And for you people, who have their person, maybe make an unsolicited call to someone who doesn’t have their person yet. When you are out (obviously very limited now) remember to be kind to the strangers you meet. Maybe you are the only one they have spoken to in a while.

Stay Safe, Stay home, wash your hands.


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