You are Your Own Best Friend

I took some time of writing not intentionally but I felt bombarded with information. And I needed  some time to process. We are bombarded with so much information everyday. One say this, one say the other and the division is growing larger and larger.

What can we do about this division? It seems in quotes both sides are getting further and further from each other and nobody wants to budge. But don’t we want the same thing when you get down to it?.

I don’t have the answer but one thing, I have embodied more and more is that I am my own best friend and when I quit my mind and check in the answers come. The answers are not outside. I think, we as citizens of this blue planet, it is our responsibility to do our best to serve humanity. To be our own best friend so that when we venture outside we can be the best friend of our environment literally speaking but also spiritually speaking.

Be kind to your self. You can only be as kind to other people as you are to your self.

On that note Take good care of your self

I wish you a beautiful weekend.

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