Our Species Needs an Upgrade!

I have been thinking a lot about the human condition, the human race and the condition of our planet and society lately. Where we potentially could be heading and what is going on in this divide we are experiencing. So my blog is called Everything-Marie today I am going in a little bit of a different direction.

There are a lot of talks about disclosure and what else is out there in the universe. That is totally up to you, what you believe, what your thoughts are and whether you believe it’s a treat or not. I recently watched an interview with Emery Smith you can do your own research on his fascinating story and make your own conclusion.

 He was asked are there any evil species out there. He said yes I can think of one. US! Wow that got my head spinning and in on line, what I haven’t been able to explain, was clear as day in one sentence.

As I called it “ My drone” I take it higher and higher up in the atmosphere for a broader perspective.  Today lets stay on Earth. Lets just take a moment and look down on earth on our species what we are doing. We are killing each other, we are abusing animals, people are starving which could end tomorrow if we choose so, we pollute this magical place in the most horrific ways. We are more busy upgrading our Iphone´s then upgrading ourselves.

 Everything thing, every creation starts with a thought. So if all of us asked that question “What can I do”. What comes to mind? Turn of the water when you brush your teeth, eat less meat, buy less stuff, eliminate toxic cleaning products, get in more contact with your inner being, smile to a stranger. You might think that you can’t change the world no but we as a collective can start working together and take small steps. The undoing will take time. But what if we consciously ask ourselves the question everyday how we, you and me, can improve and upgrade this species that in my opinion has gone a little of center.

I am speaking from a place of empowerment so that you can get a sense that YOU can actually do something about it big or small. Every step in the right direction matters. The future of our planet matter. The future of our children matter.

You matter!.

R.I.P Normal

2020 ended the year where normal died.

How do you feel about that?. We are creatures of habit. I can only speak for my self but looking at the outside world I think without me presuming all habit went out the window. The great thing about that is, we create new ones. What new habits did you create in 2020. Do you like them? Do you wanna bring them into 2021 or do you want to leave them in 2020? We are still transitioning into the new energy of 2021. Maybe you are  still morning the death of normal. That is OK. Now is the time to reflect, re-lease let go of and set new intentions.

For me personally 2020 has been a fantastic year even exciting on a personal level. My industry shot down it still is very limited. I took the time and put my focus other places and that has been a gift I am deeply grateful for. For me the glass is always and has always been half full. If you turned your glass to half full, if you haven´t already, what are the gifts you received in 2020 big or small. What did do/learn that you want to build on?

This is the time, I think in history, to really take charge. You might think ”but we are all thrown into isolation again”. I found my freedom in isolation. Its deeper conversation for another blogpost, but I am inviting you to find your gifts of 2020 and build on your new found ideas.

Rest in peace normal.

Now let´s create the new. Happy New Year!


I was listening to Lewis Howes´s podcast interviewing Hank Green. A guy who early on got a lot of success online and is now a big Influencer. He talked about “your attention”. How everybody online is in quote fighting for your attention. How much value there is in your attention and that it is becoming more valuable than money itself.

Now think about that.  The social media scene is fighting for your attention. You are clicking away, swiping, liking sharing non stop. But let’s hold that thought for a moment. What if you took all your attention back to you? If you gave yourself the attention to grow, evolve, investigate your inner life, to grow your own business and/or focusing on becoming more fulfilled and happy.

What would that look like to you?

I have stopped my self in suddenly have gotten lost down the spiral. First looking for something and then an hour later ended up in a completely different direction, in something I didn’t even need to pay attention to. But they got my attention. I would invite you to pay attention. It takes some awareness and I would go as far as to say some discipline. But what if you spend that extra hour a day just for you. What would your life look like in 6 months? Your attention and time matters use it to your greatest advantage.


Do you have the need to control? There are many forms of control. I am talking about having the need to control  situations, outcomes and ideas so that you have a sense of that you are in charge. Because when we have a sense of being in charge we think we are in control and nothing can in quotes hurt us. I differently have some of that. And In my experience its not always to the highest good. Well never… 🙂

Let me explain. I do believe there is a higher intelligence at work. Call it source, higher self, consciousness, God, Buddha….. This is were we can tap in to truth, guidance and I would go as far as to say peace of mind. If we try to control every situation, which only give us a false sense of security we might be missing out on the bigger picture. A even better outcome that we cannot predict with our human experience. Maybe we miss out on a wonderful flow, that can only happen if we dare to take the hands of the steering wheel of life.

Are there anything you feel you need to control? I would invite you to investigate why that is. Does it feel scary to let go or does it excite you, what might happen if you let go. One thing is for sure, you will not fall on your face. You might actually be surprised what the universe has in store for you if you let go.

Think about.


I wanted to talk a little bit today about authenticity. Being an actor, voiceover artist and writer as my self or I would go as far as to say being an artist in general you have to be your authentic self. That is your truth. Your expression. Your DNA. I would go even further as to say what ever you do be authentic, be your truth. Because quit frankly, with out being cliché, everyone else is taken.

That is what people connect with and feel in their hearts.

Have you ever meet a person and thought they were nice but when they spoke it felt of but there was nothing wrong with what they were saying. That´s probably because they weren’t speaking their truth and you felt it.

But think about it for a moment. What is your authentic self? Are you being true to your truth and your authenticity? If your answer to the last question is yes. I salute you and say keep going full speed. If your answer is no. Then I would ask you why? Why are you not honoring your most important person in your life YOU! What are you afraid of? What are you avoiding? Start investigating. Maybe you never thought about it and you just go with the flow. There is nothing wrong with that. I am just seeing more and more people waking up to their truth and authenticity and I love what I am seeing.

Again I am not here to tell you what to do but inspire thought. I want you to be the best version of your self so you can shine on your own personal stage in your life.


I have been thinking quit a lot about fear lately. I have experienced a bit of it and was wonder what that is?

The definition of fear in the dictionary says: “An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat”.

Fear is irrational. And when you see peoples fears you might not understand it. You might think its silly “ Why on earth would they be afraid of that?”.

I am petrified of the dentist. I don’t remember ever having a bad experience, but I probably get a panic attack 99% of the time and start crying. Its like pushing a button.  It is all anticipation it’s the sounds, the instruments and the what ifs. I am working on it…

During these times all the fear has been amplified and rightly so in the sense that we are in the middle of a pandemic and isolation . It´s an invisible thing. Its not like my grandparents that lived in Denmark that was occupied by the Nazi´s for 5 years. That was a visible treat, soldier with machine guns on the street corners, curfew, black out curtains every night, rations etc.

How can we overcome fear. I invite you to ask your self, if you are actually being threatened in the moment or is it “ A What If” or anticipation. Fear can lower our immune system and create all sorts of imbalances in your system. Take a deep breath start to investigate and I am sure you are on your way out of your fear.

You are Your Own Best Friend

I took some time of writing not intentionally but I felt bombarded with information. And I needed  some time to process. We are bombarded with so much information everyday. One say this, one say the other and the division is growing larger and larger.

What can we do about this division? It seems in quotes both sides are getting further and further from each other and nobody wants to budge. But don’t we want the same thing when you get down to it?.

I don’t have the answer but one thing, I have embodied more and more is that I am my own best friend and when I quit my mind and check in the answers come. The answers are not outside. I think, we as citizens of this blue planet, it is our responsibility to do our best to serve humanity. To be our own best friend so that when we venture outside we can be the best friend of our environment literally speaking but also spiritually speaking.

Be kind to your self. You can only be as kind to other people as you are to your self.

On that note Take good care of your self

I wish you a beautiful weekend.

The Concept of time…

I recently got the opportunity to go home and take a breather. I am from Denmark and it is one of the places in the world with the lowest numbers of Covid-19 and you could tell. It was  wonderful to be in nature and to not wear a mask wherever you go. Masks are not a regulation thus far.

The country did go into lock down for 2.5 months but bent the curve quit quickly and things in quotes went back to normal. Mind you in my belief the old normal don´t exist anymore but you get the gist.

Being away in an environment less stressful and a place where you can breathe better… literally, the past 4.5  months got the space to sink in. The past 4.5 I put myself in a creative bobble and picked up my writing and kept going with my wonderful theater group working on numerous things. My mission was to keep the wheels turning and I appreciate everything about that. But getting bit of a break was needed and that I had the luxury to reflect, I am deeply grateful.

One thing that really striked me getting out of LA was the concept of time. Before this pandemic time was linear. You followed what was know to be “time”. Some say time does not exist. That everything happens simultaneously. You are going to have to do some research on that one if that spiked interest…. But mostly the world pressed pause and the concept of time changed. I don´t know about you but I have had to practice patience even more than usual. Things are not happening as fast and yet it seems like time is flying.

I want to give you permission to stop. To take a breath. To take some time… an hour… a night…..a day… to take it all in and process.  You are not behind. Everything you need to do you have time for. Take a moment to get used to this new concept of time.

Leave It Behind!

I was talking to a friend the other day and the conversation has popped up in my mind several times since. In short the conversation was about her ex-husband. Its been 10 years since they parted ways, but they have two children between them, a complicated relationship. She has a hard time letting go of an imaginary image of what could have been. I invited her to consider that its time to leave that behind and start fresh right here and right now in this moment.

The pandemic we are going through has so much meaning and lessons in it. And through this conversation I was thinking about pre-corona and that off course there will be a post corona. So what are you willing to leave behind in the pre-corona era. What have you discovered that no longer serves you? What do you wish to be free from?.

Well now more than ever, the noise has been removed, we got of the treadmill of life and we have had time to reflect or even some forced to, to turn the leaves in our lives. But isn’t that a good thing?. You now have the opportunity to let go of what is wearing you down.

You can free up that space with something better, more meaning full or simply nothing.  Don’t be afraid of “nothing” because maybe you just don’t have the answer yet. Take a moment think about it and see how much lighter you feel. It is OK to let go. Every experience in our lives is here for a certain amount of time and every experience is here to teach us something. But we don’t have to hold on forever. What you don’t know, you don’t know, but that doesn’t mean you wont know forever.

Clear up some space and find out.

How do you filter your information?

There is no way around this. We live in turbulent times. And right now we are in the center of the storm. I am though very excited about this moment in history. A movement that has cried out loud for so long has finally created a momentum and we as citizens of this world have to help in keeping this movement going.

We are bombarded everyday with new information. We are told to read, watch listen share all sorts of things.  And how great is that the information and education is at our doorsteps.I think it´s important to sort through this information. Filter what rings true to your essence and as to what is for the greater good of all.

I head a podcast where someone asked. With what voice to you listen to?

Do you listen through the voice of fear?

Do you listen through the voice of Ego?

Do you listen through the voice of source and truth?

This is very interesting to me. Because how do you filter alt this information given to you? Is it though fear, Ego or Source. Depending on what you choose the outcome will be very different. This takes honesty with one self. Some might be unconscious and habitual or you don’t even know.  It takes courage constantly checking in, and maybe peeling of some layers to know what filter the information comes through.

Moving forward I think more than ever we got to do a deep self check-in and it´s our responsibility as citizen of this beautiful plant earth to do the work so that our information is always filtered through truth aka source with in my opinion always is love.