lightbulp moment

CHANGE. The word has suddenly been bend in neon on a huge billboard screaming at us. The news echoes it in fear , life will never be the same. For some reason society has made it up so that change equals bad.

But what is change? What does change mean to you? When I look back at, when I have made some big changes in my life, when I deep dived into the unknown. I always landed on my feet and it always turned out for the better. No exception.

I was one day listening to the Indian guru Sadhguru. He was talking about mindset, headspace, thoughts, the unknown etc. He said: “ You guys are always creating so many horror movie. Why don’t you create some romantic comedies?” he laughed. Instantly I had a light bulb moment. Both scenarios are illusions in the present time. Our thoughts are just creating a “what if”. The horror movie in a space of fear of the unknown. The Rom-Com in a mind frame of faith and hope in the unknown.

Now as I mentioned they are both illusions in the present moment. But what feels better to you? A Horror movie or A Rom Com?

To come back to change. A lot of the time, when we can’t see, what’s on the other side of change. It can create a lot of turmoil within us. But change doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I invite you to create more Rom-Coms and have the courage to imagining the other side of change, that it might bring something good along the way.

Now stay home and wash your hands.


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