Leave It Behind!

I was talking to a friend the other day and the conversation has popped up in my mind several times since. In short the conversation was about her ex-husband. Its been 10 years since they parted ways, but they have two children between them, a complicated relationship. She has a hard time letting go of an imaginary image of what could have been. I invited her to consider that its time to leave that behind and start fresh right here and right now in this moment.

The pandemic we are going through has so much meaning and lessons in it. And through this conversation I was thinking about pre-corona and that off course there will be a post corona. So what are you willing to leave behind in the pre-corona era. What have you discovered that no longer serves you? What do you wish to be free from?.

Well now more than ever, the noise has been removed, we got of the treadmill of life and we have had time to reflect or even some forced to, to turn the leaves in our lives. But isn’t that a good thing?. You now have the opportunity to let go of what is wearing you down.

You can free up that space with something better, more meaning full or simply nothing.  Don’t be afraid of “nothing” because maybe you just don’t have the answer yet. Take a moment think about it and see how much lighter you feel. It is OK to let go. Every experience in our lives is here for a certain amount of time and every experience is here to teach us something. But we don’t have to hold on forever. What you don’t know, you don’t know, but that doesn’t mean you wont know forever.

Clear up some space and find out.

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