How do you filter your information?

There is no way around this. We live in turbulent times. And right now we are in the center of the storm. I am though very excited about this moment in history. A movement that has cried out loud for so long has finally created a momentum and we as citizens of this world have to help in keeping this movement going.

We are bombarded everyday with new information. We are told to read, watch listen share all sorts of things.  And how great is that the information and education is at our doorsteps.I think it´s important to sort through this information. Filter what rings true to your essence and as to what is for the greater good of all.

I head a podcast where someone asked. With what voice to you listen to?

Do you listen through the voice of fear?

Do you listen through the voice of Ego?

Do you listen through the voice of source and truth?

This is very interesting to me. Because how do you filter alt this information given to you? Is it though fear, Ego or Source. Depending on what you choose the outcome will be very different. This takes honesty with one self. Some might be unconscious and habitual or you don’t even know.  It takes courage constantly checking in, and maybe peeling of some layers to know what filter the information comes through.

Moving forward I think more than ever we got to do a deep self check-in and it´s our responsibility as citizen of this beautiful plant earth to do the work so that our information is always filtered through truth aka source with in my opinion always is love.

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