The Concept of time…

I recently got the opportunity to go home and take a breather. I am from Denmark and it is one of the places in the world with the lowest numbers of Covid-19 and you could tell. It was  wonderful to be in nature and to not wear a mask wherever you go. Masks are not a regulation thus far.

The country did go into lock down for 2.5 months but bent the curve quit quickly and things in quotes went back to normal. Mind you in my belief the old normal don´t exist anymore but you get the gist.

Being away in an environment less stressful and a place where you can breathe better… literally, the past 4.5  months got the space to sink in. The past 4.5 I put myself in a creative bobble and picked up my writing and kept going with my wonderful theater group working on numerous things. My mission was to keep the wheels turning and I appreciate everything about that. But getting bit of a break was needed and that I had the luxury to reflect, I am deeply grateful.

One thing that really striked me getting out of LA was the concept of time. Before this pandemic time was linear. You followed what was know to be “time”. Some say time does not exist. That everything happens simultaneously. You are going to have to do some research on that one if that spiked interest…. But mostly the world pressed pause and the concept of time changed. I don´t know about you but I have had to practice patience even more than usual. Things are not happening as fast and yet it seems like time is flying.

I want to give you permission to stop. To take a breath. To take some time… an hour… a night…..a day… to take it all in and process.  You are not behind. Everything you need to do you have time for. Take a moment to get used to this new concept of time.

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