The Bully

So I have been dealing with a person lately that is very difficult. Is very angry and bullying. Unfortunately I have to deal with this person a little bit longer. But this person is a good teacher.

In the beginning I got very upset. Because I don’t think that I deserve this kind of behavior acted out towards me. And how this person sees me is so far from who I am. And quit frankly it’s a little unfair.  This person has decided to not like me. To be resentful and is showing a lot of hate actually. There is nothing I can do about that. We can´t control what people think of us or how they feel about us. I am a trigger for her. I keep reminding myself that this person is actually not acting out on me personally but acting out from past experiences and traumas. Do I need to take some eeeextra breaths yes.

I am mentioning this because we are so divided right now in opinions and perspectives. If we could all just have a little extra space for one another. Be responsible for our own experiences and traumas before acting out and judging. I think we can more toward co-existing and healing.

Lets all do our best to embrace one another.

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