I was listening to Lewis Howes´s podcast interviewing Hank Green. A guy who early on got a lot of success online and is now a big Influencer. He talked about “your attention”. How everybody online is in quote fighting for your attention. How much value there is in your attention and that it is becoming more valuable than money itself.

Now think about that.  The social media scene is fighting for your attention. You are clicking away, swiping, liking sharing non stop. But let’s hold that thought for a moment. What if you took all your attention back to you? If you gave yourself the attention to grow, evolve, investigate your inner life, to grow your own business and/or focusing on becoming more fulfilled and happy.

What would that look like to you?

I have stopped my self in suddenly have gotten lost down the spiral. First looking for something and then an hour later ended up in a completely different direction, in something I didn’t even need to pay attention to. But they got my attention. I would invite you to pay attention. It takes some awareness and I would go as far as to say some discipline. But what if you spend that extra hour a day just for you. What would your life look like in 6 months? Your attention and time matters use it to your greatest advantage.

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