Do you have the need to control? There are many forms of control. I am talking about having the need to control  situations, outcomes and ideas so that you have a sense of that you are in charge. Because when we have a sense of being in charge we think we are in control and nothing can in quotes hurt us. I differently have some of that. And In my experience its not always to the highest good. Well never… 🙂

Let me explain. I do believe there is a higher intelligence at work. Call it source, higher self, consciousness, God, Buddha….. This is were we can tap in to truth, guidance and I would go as far as to say peace of mind. If we try to control every situation, which only give us a false sense of security we might be missing out on the bigger picture. A even better outcome that we cannot predict with our human experience. Maybe we miss out on a wonderful flow, that can only happen if we dare to take the hands of the steering wheel of life.

Are there anything you feel you need to control? I would invite you to investigate why that is. Does it feel scary to let go or does it excite you, what might happen if you let go. One thing is for sure, you will not fall on your face. You might actually be surprised what the universe has in store for you if you let go.

Think about.

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