Why are we so afraid to state what we want?

For a long time I was very quite about what I wanted. What my goals and aspirations were. Because 1. what would people think that I was that ambitious and thought I could do that? And I was afraid of judgement. Luckily I have turned a corner on that one. I dont care anymore what people think of my dreams and  ambitions. I live my life how I want to. And I make steps everyday almost hey i am human towards my goals and dreams.

Are you afraid to state your dreams and goals out loud? Are you afraid to say it out load because what if it didn´t happen? That is just a “what if”!

I would highly encourage you to start stating what you want. You don´t necessarily have to scream from the top of a building for the world to hear but at least to yourself and trusted friends that love and supports you.

Here is why. How can what you want come into your life if you are not willing to say them out loud. Stating what you want… With that comes clarity and with clarity well here is the biggie…with clarity you open up the doors for help and assistance. When you have a clear vision you invite in the right help. Not only from people you know but you actually open up for all sorts of help to come you way.  Give it a go. Be courageous and see what happens. Just know that I am holding space for you and fully support your dreams and goals. Anything is possible.

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