R.I.P Normal

2020 ended the year where normal died.

How do you feel about that?. We are creatures of habit. I can only speak for my self but looking at the outside world I think without me presuming all habit went out the window. The great thing about that is, we create new ones. What new habits did you create in 2020. Do you like them? Do you wanna bring them into 2021 or do you want to leave them in 2020? We are still transitioning into the new energy of 2021. Maybe you are  still morning the death of normal. That is OK. Now is the time to reflect, re-lease let go of and set new intentions.

For me personally 2020 has been a fantastic year even exciting on a personal level. My industry shot down it still is very limited. I took the time and put my focus other places and that has been a gift I am deeply grateful for. For me the glass is always and has always been half full. If you turned your glass to half full, if you haven´t already, what are the gifts you received in 2020 big or small. What did do/learn that you want to build on?

This is the time, I think in history, to really take charge. You might think ”but we are all thrown into isolation again”. I found my freedom in isolation. Its deeper conversation for another blogpost, but I am inviting you to find your gifts of 2020 and build on your new found ideas.

Rest in peace normal.

Now let´s create the new. Happy New Year!

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