We never know the full story!

I am constantly thinking about how can we bring people together. How can we co-exist in our differences that seem to be tearing us apart? Tearing the world apart… literally splitting us in two. I keep asking my self this question. Because what I am observing on a daily basis is that we want the same thing. A good life, happiness, love, for our children to thrive, for our loved ones to thrive and to love and be loved.

There are different ways to go about that and different ways to paint that picture.

How can we build bridges and not ditches…..

In my own experience everyday I am observing other peoples stories and I learn from it everyday. One thing that keeps coming up  a common denominator is “You  never know the full story”. Think about it.

So next time we get triggered by someone, their ACTIONS and CHOICES. Maybe take a moment and consider you don’t know that persons full story. For me instantly that brings more compassion into the equation. Maybe just leave it at that or ask questions from a curious view point and not from judgement.

We all have our own unique DNA print so one model fits all cant possibly work for all.

Much love.

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