Our Species Needs an Upgrade!

I have been thinking a lot about the human condition, the human race and the condition of our planet and society lately. Where we potentially could be heading and what is going on in this divide we are experiencing. So my blog is called Everything-Marie today I am going in a little bit of a different direction.

There are a lot of talks about disclosure and what else is out there in the universe. That is totally up to you, what you believe, what your thoughts are and whether you believe it’s a treat or not. I recently watched an interview with Emery Smith you can do your own research on his fascinating story and make your own conclusion.

 He was asked are there any evil species out there. He said yes I can think of one. US! Wow that got my head spinning and in on line, what I haven’t been able to explain, was clear as day in one sentence.

As I called it “ My drone” I take it higher and higher up in the atmosphere for a broader perspective.  Today lets stay on Earth. Lets just take a moment and look down on earth on our species what we are doing. We are killing each other, we are abusing animals, people are starving which could end tomorrow if we choose so, we pollute this magical place in the most horrific ways. We are more busy upgrading our Iphone´s then upgrading ourselves.

 Everything thing, every creation starts with a thought. So if all of us asked that question “What can I do”. What comes to mind? Turn of the water when you brush your teeth, eat less meat, buy less stuff, eliminate toxic cleaning products, get in more contact with your inner being, smile to a stranger. You might think that you can’t change the world no but we as a collective can start working together and take small steps. The undoing will take time. But what if we consciously ask ourselves the question everyday how we, you and me, can improve and upgrade this species that in my opinion has gone a little of center.

I am speaking from a place of empowerment so that you can get a sense that YOU can actually do something about it big or small. Every step in the right direction matters. The future of our planet matter. The future of our children matter.

You matter!.

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