How can you take responsibility for your health?

So I have been thinking quit a lot about this subject lately. Health is on all headlines and has been for the last year. A lot of people have felt completely out of control when it comes to their health and safety. I feel like our culture has lead us into a place where our responsibility for our own health and body has been given into other hands.  Sometimes it has to but…

So I am asking you to ask your self. How can I take more responsibility for my health? Because aren’t we responsible for our own health and body?

Look! I am not talking about serious illnesses genetics etc., but I am talking about the so called life style conditions that creep up due to inefficient and or poor diet elevated stress, substances, chemicals, pollution etc. That we ourselves can actually change.

 When I was about 25 I discovered I had several severe food allergies and that started the journey for me and now I am at a point where through alternative methods I have reversed a lot of them. This was not done over night it has been a process.

But coming back to you? Where can you make changes? Are you eating junk food, taking or inhaling substances? Do you need to look at how you can improve your metal well being?  I invite you to take one step at a time to make little changes where you actually maybe end up feeling more empowered and have more confidence in your body and how when nurtured and taking good care, it can deal with life in a better way. That creates less fear and you are not leaving your health only into the hands of something external. This might be triggering for you. I am not a doctor. I have just tried and tested many things over the years and I have seen amazing results not just on my self.

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