Knowing….You will be ok




I am constantly reminded everyday that staying centered is alfa omega right now. We can so easily spin out down the downward spiral by the news, friends talking their truth, grocery shopping etc.

I made this meditation with the intention that the more we connect to a place of knowing that all will be OK the better we are equipped to handle what is thrown at us. I feel deep in my heart that this shall pass. Just look at history. The world will move on again just from a different vantage point. There will be a lot of tears, healing, recovery but we will be OK.

This was recorded with love and if you feel drawn to it have a listen. Let the knowing in your heart grow larger and larger everyday.

We will get through this together.



2 thoughts on “Knowing….You will be ok

    1. Super skat har sendt det ud til min kulturklub , vi er jo alle i 70+ alder( undtagen mig!) Ide; her synger vi morgensang på tv hver morgen det er en kæmpe hit her Knuser fra mor🤓💚💚

      Sendt fra min iPad


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