Food Prep



Food Prep.

We all live busy lives and “time” is a different concept today than just 50 years ago. Now we are bombarded with not only long working hours but also “the smart Phone”, which to my amusement the Pleadians call the “dumb phone”. It’s a two edged sword.

We have access to so much knowledge that its overwhelming, but mostly the knowledge disappear in our thoughts as fast as it gets there. This phone brings our work home and also now there is an expectancy to receive a reply instantly, which can create stresses on both ends.

I previously wrote about Habits. One Habit I am a fan of is healthy eating. Feeding our bodies with healthy nutritious food for our wonderful body that is the most advanced and amazing “machine” ever invented. But how do we fit that in to a healthy life style. One suggestion is FOOD PREP. And its an option I love. Make a big bowl of chili, soup or bolognese ( recipes on recipe page) and freeze half so you always have an option in the freezer. Always have a selection of Tupperware. I am a big fan of freezable glass ones to avoid chemicals from the plastic.

Chop your veggie and put them in containers so you can easily. Ex. make some roasted veggies with your choice of protein in the oven. Give your self that little time and prep/organize in advance and not only will your cooking be easier when you come home from work it will also be healthier, less time consuming and you will also save money at the same time.

Roasted Veggies recipe here


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