lightbulp moment

What is a habit? Is it a good thing or does it keep us stuck sometimes.

The definition in the dictionary says:

“A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”

The reason why I want to talk about “habit” is because the word suddenly sparked a lot of questions.

Is having habits actually a good thing. Or does it stop us in our endeavors and goals? Does what is perceived as a good thing block the flow?.

Well I think for example good eating habits are good. Its important to put good and nutritious food into our bodies. So we can have optimal health. Good exercise habits are healthy. And I think it is useful to make both somewhat a habit.

So this morning I listened to a lecture online and a question was raised to a participant in the lecture. Do you go to your local coffee shop every morning because it’s a habit or is it because you are inspired to go. That something tells you to go.

Uuuhhmmmm interesting. That made me spend my day ( mostly in traffic and during exercising ) thinking about “A Habit” because are our habits actually stopping us in reaching our goals. Stopping us in living our full potential. Stopping us in exploring new things.

My conclusion is that I don’t have a conclusion on the matter more that I am getting more in touch with my inner guiding system, that I am sure sometimes are screaming from the top of their lungs to get my attention to do something different or new, but I ignore it because of a Habit.


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