Good old TV – 30 Day Detox

Vintage TV

How much TV are you watching? How many (useless) videos are you watching on your Ipad, smart phone or other devices a DAY?? Do you spend 30 min. to find something to watch and then settle for something you actually don’t care about because there was nothing else?

So I want to share with you my 30 day detox from TV that includes videos from you devices, because we all know there are a loot of them. Yes I know it sounds kind of crazy in general and especially me being an actress my work includes watching what’s out there. And don’t get me wrong I loooooooove a good series, documentary or talk-show. But let me tell you. Wowsers! What an amazing experience.

I was home in Denmark at my summerhouse this summer ( not watching a lot of TV…only getting through jet-lag) and while being there I thought about how little I read, besides scripts, Instagram and Facebook posts. I always say “But I am always so tired at night from all the things, I have been doing through out the day that zoning out to TV makes me relax”. Well when I came back to LA, I saw that old habit of watching way to much TV unfolding. I don’t need to watch 9 seasons of a show ….again…. to keep up with what´s happening in the world of acting.

I believe nothing is by chance. A couple of days later I came across a lecture where they challenged you to do 30 days with NO TV. And I started that day. The NO TV gave me the space to think. It gave me space to let ideas come to me. It’s almost like ideas were blocked by my TV habits ( read my post on Habits here).

I think if I am being honest it was also a bit of an escape. Life as an artist can be challenging at times. And TV was differently at times an escape and filling a gap. In my case a creative gap. I have never read so many books in 30 days. I got so inspired and let me just be clear oh boy did I almost fall of the wagon at times but my stubbornness made me stick to it.

Again I am not here to tell you what to do but to inspire thought. If you are inspired to try it out. Take the leap and see what happens.


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