Waste Trash

For years now we have been wasting away and I am not talking about the midriff.

I was literally sitting on the toilet the other day about to take some toilet paper and I thought to my self do I really need that many sheets? So I cut down.

My acting career started in London. When I moved there, I was on a very tight budget, when I say tight, I mean barely making it every month. Living in a studio where I could open the oven with my toes laying in bed, no joke! It has always been my highest priority to eat healthy, so I had to find a way to do so. That meant making loads of soups and stews choosing beans/ lentils over meat or maybe substituting half the meat.

I did not suffer. I made delicious food that way. My point is I found a way. Now I am not on a tight budget, but I still live that way. I am always mindful of food waste, waste in general and would never through food out unless it has mold on it and it still breaks my heart doing so.

We all have to tighten the belt during these times. Get creative. Get our of your comfort zone. Back then during tough times and we are talking a couple of years I got excited when I found a new way to improve my life style within my budget. I invite you to investigate “Where do I waste unnecessarily”? Not just limited to food waste. Waste in general. Clothes, plastic, etc.

Now is the time.

Budget or no budget don’t loose hope, surprise yourself, how you can eliminate waste and save money and create new and healthier habits for yourself and the next generation. You are at the same time also giving Mother Earth a well-deserved break from all the waste and over consumerism.

And just preaching to the choir. Stay home. Wash your hands.


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