The New Normal…for now!



Covid-19 who would have thought jumping into this new decade 2020 just months ago.

Well here we are and it is real. I wanted to share some thoughts. I specifically choose this photo. The new normal grocery shopping or running errands for necessities. It looks dramatic. The streets are empty. People are on edge. There is a deep collective fear happening. Being an Empath I feel the above intensely and must take measures not to take much on, but that is another story for another time. Now back to the “The New Normal”.

The reason for posting this photo is, when you look at it it can create fear. It looks scary. Thoughts of, is this how we are going live? Are we all going to get ill? Are we all going to die? Is the world coming to an end? The answer is no. This is a time for deep transformation to a setup that no longer works. But then why all this suffering? In my opinion and its just mine. We as a collective have been sleeping. We didn´t pay attention to the endless clues handed to us every day. To a system that does not work.

So how do we move forward? Now take a look behind the photo, the mask. Try to find a time everyday where you intentionally connect with the knowing, that you will be fine. Yes you will. Does that mean that, that comes without challenges. Probably not. But I do strongly believe that the more you discipline your self connecting with the knowing, that it will get better everyday you will come out on the other side stronger. Do you meditate? Maybe now is the time. Do you find something everyday big or small that you are grateful for? How can you use this time to grow mentally, emotionally and creatively?

I am sending my deepest thought to everybody who are effected we are all in this together and will get through this together. Now stay home and wash your hands.


2 thoughts on “The New Normal…for now!

  1. I love this Marie. I’m trying to stay connected and at peace during these trying times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Let’s collectively use this time to go inward and truly appreciate the essence of who we are. ❤️


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